Magic Tone

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Magic Tone - Brand of Ambika Eng. Works, a leading exercise equipment manufacturing company at Rajkot the heart of "Saurashtra" (Gujarat) INDIA. We at Ambika Eng. Works dedicated to work for excellent and trustworthy products. We are in this field since long time where not a single manufacturer can manufacture this type of international quality machines at saurashtra region.












How This Machine Works?


The machines are designed to position the body in just the right way to focus on a particular muscle group. While the machine goes through its motion, you perform isometric exercises to gain the most benefit. Isometric exercises are performed by tightening a specific muscle and holding it, or moving very slightly. Many yoga and Pilates moves are isometric exercises, and they are very effective. Toning tables assist you by providing a little more intensity to the isometric move.

No Risk Factor


One of the main benefits of using toning tables is that they promote proper exercise technique. Most exercise and sports related injuries are attributable to poor technique. Toning tables are perfect for beginners because they literally walk you through each exercise step by step, so you’ll know how to properly execute specific moves and techniques. Even if you’re more experienced, these devices offer a perfect refresher course on how to best execute every facet of your routine (in order to maximize results and avoid injuries due to poor technique).

For Rehabilitation Use


In addition to helping avoid injury, toning tables are also ideal for those who are just coming off an injury and looking for a low-impact program (in order to get themselves back into shape). So, if your body is to the point where you still can’t go all-out during your workouts, this device will assure that you’ll get the most out of what you’re able to put in, while improving your methodology and helping you get to the next level in a quicker, more efficient manner.